"Jacky is a skilful, talented Physiotherapist who identifies the root cause of the problem and provides solutions to them. He has helped me with the treatment for multiple injuries over the last year. The first of the two injuries was Rotator Cuff Tendonitis triggered during normal Badminton play. He provided appropriate exercises for Shoulder and Muscle strengthening. This was treated within 3 months and I was able to play Badminton again. He also treated me for Ankle sprain triggered due to the sport. He is an excellent diagnostician and awesome therapist. "
Madhavan S.
Software Engineer
"Jacky provided an exceptional service over the few months I had with him. He was attuned to my needs and adjusted the therapy plan according to my progress. Thanks for your help Jacky!"
Wilson Teo
Workplace Experience Designer
"Very lucky to have Jacky helped me with my back pain. He is very knowledgeable and explained to me patiently about my problem. The sessions I had were effective and right to the point that I felt better quickly with what Jacky taught and instructed me to do. I also gained a lot of suggestions from him not only for continuous improvement but healthy lifestyle to prevent such problem to happen again. Strongly recommend Jacky."
Kenny Jiang
Experienced marketing & sales professional in e-commerce
"Had Jacky manage my shoulder recovery on 2 separate occasions. The first was more than a year ago when an old injury made my right shoulder painful to lay on or even carry any weight, e.g. a sling bag or something in my hand. Jacky helped put it right and over 3 months. Recently I had a case of a slight frozen shoulder in my right shoulder (same shoulder again) and again I am well on my way to recovery. Thanks Jacky! "
Matt Howe
"I’m a stewardess and i got my back injured due to air-pocket back in December 2018 where i flew up and hit the ceiling and landed on my two knees, so now i got a back problem (L4&L5) ever since which i think its rather bad as i cant sit down too long nor even stand too long. I always feel this sharp pain on my back and whenever I’m in pain i’ll just pop some pills to help reduce the pain. i didn’t see any Physiotheraphist or even thought of seeing one as i thought it will heal by time and medicines that i have been prescribed by my Specialist. After 3 months of hospitalisation leave my specialist said its better for me to go see a Physiotheraphist and so i met Jacky and Thats when It all changed, my back was getting stronger and i dont have to depend on my medications and its been nothing but rainbows and sunshine every since. He helped me out with strengthening my back muscles and also give me some tips on how i can help myself to strengthen my back muscles and as well with helping me out with some light exercises that i can do at home! I highly recommend you go look for Jacky if you have a similar back problem like me."
Damia Azman